Night Vision in Escape From Tarkov

You wanna know the differences between the different types of Night Vision Googles in Escape From Tarkov? Here we go:

Many players think, you don’t need Night Vision when you do a night raid. Some put their gamma correction to the max, others just believe, they see enough without NVGs. However, let me show you examples, where the Night Vision helps more than you expect. If an enemy hides in the shadows and there’s a bright area nearby, you will not see your enemies most of the time.

Currently there are 4 different Night vision goggles (so called NVGs) in the game. Additionally there is one night vision scope.

The NVGs can be switched on and off with the „N“ key. The Night Vision Scope if always on, when it’s attached to your gun.

Most NVGs can be applied to some helmets, they just need to have a place for the mount on it. Only the N-15 cannot be attached to helmets, you have to wear a special mask to use it.

All four NVGs work on the same distances. The main differences are, that they have different field of view (the more expensive, the more you see). Plus, the more expensive ones have less distortion in your view, the picture is more clear.

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You can use all sights except the thermal scope with the Night Visions. but many sights blind you when you have the NVG turned on. I will show you the impact the which of the reflex sights and the scopes are the best to use during the night raids.

If you use lasers, you can spot them way better when you turn the NVG on. Of course enemies see them better too. Currently there is no laser in the game, that’s invisible for other players.

I will also show you, how strong you are blinded by flash lights when using night vision goggles.

One thing many players don’t know: if you turn on your night vision goggles, your face is lit with a green light. If you try to hide in the shadows, enemies might spot you, if they have the correct angle on you.

This effect does not apply on the Vulkan MG night vision scope, it does not reveal your position when you hide in the dark.

Additionally your vision on the sides of the scope is not blocked, so you can see normal on the sides of the scope.

If you want to use thermal sight, you have to switch off the Night Vision Goggles first, you cannot use both at the same time.