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Company Of Heroes 2 WorldBuilder Tutorials

This is a collection of the most important stuff you need to know to build a Comapny Of Heroes 2 map with the World Builder. If you need to know details, you should watch the videos below. But as they are often slow and sometimes go back and forth, this page lists the must have’s with the correct settings and details where to find them:

Map sizes:

  • 1v1: Terrain: 576×576, Playable Area: 320×320, Core: 256×256
  • 2v2: Terrain: 672×672, Playable Area: 416×416, Core: 352×352
  • 3v3: Terrain: 736×736, Playable Area: 480×480, Core: 416×416
  • 4v4: Terrain: 823×823, Playable Area: 576×576, Core: 512×512
  • Maximum: Terrain: 1024×1024, Playable Area: 928×928, Core: 896×896

Most important steps:

  • Draw core area manually (so you know where to place stuff that you can reach): Turn grid on (Overlay -> Grid), Use the spline tool, select on the right side in the section „Textures“: nm_ui -> dotted line. Draw 4 spline lines, each has to have 4 dots: select dotted_line, then right click on the map to set a point. Make 4 dots in a straight line for one edge, hit ENTER so it generates a dotted line along the edge. Do this 4 times to have a dotted line that markes where you have the core area.
  • Add sectors: „Object Placement“ icon, on the right choose fuel-, ammunition-, standard- and vitory-points:
    • ebps -> gameplay -> territory_fuel_point_mp 
    • ebps -> gameplay -> territory_munitions_point_mp 
    • ebps -> gameplay -> territory_point_mp 
    • ebps -> gameplay -> vitory_point
  • Create the bases: A team needs ONE territory, EACH player a startpoint and minimum one map-entry-point per team:
    • One per team: ebps -> gameplay -> starting_territory_team . inside this territory, the players of one team can build their buildings.
    • One per player: ebps -> gameplay -> starting_position_shared_territory , This is the start point of each player.
    • Minimum one per team: ebps -> gameplay -> map_entry_point . this is where the new troops of this player will appear.
    • Assign the points to one player: you select the starting_position_shared_territory object, object). Then on the right side in the section „Current“) (NOT under „Default“) you change the dropdown „Player assignment“ to „Player 1“, „Player 2“ etc.


  • Attention: The Scenario -> Team Setup dialog is broken! If you want to have Player 1,2, 3 and 4 on one side, you need to change the team setup as you see in the following picture (the bug is, that player counts in the editor start at 1000, while the dialog starts at 1001):


  • Now you need to calculate the territories:
    • choose the icon „TER“ (hard to read). On the right click „Calculate Voronoi“.
  • At this point, you can save the map and test run it.

How to test/play your own map:

coh2propertiesStep 1) Go to your Company Of Heroes 2 folder and create a shortcut of the game. Open the shortcut’s properties and add „-dev“ behind the launch command (see screenshot). I also added „-window“, this starts the game in a window instead fullscreen.

Step 2) In Worldbuilder, click on File -> Export Package. You get a message where the package was saved, but you don’t need this right now.

Step 3) In CoH2’s main screen, click on „Workshop“. Click on your new map and hit „Refresh“.




Step 4) Create a custom game and select your new map:


If you have questions, let me know:,9859.msg71286

Additional tips:

  • You can copy/paste this: select all three points, press and hold „C“ and drag the objects to a new position.

Other tutorials: