Best Beginner Weapons

  • This video covers three topics:
    • 1) What makes you effective in Escape From Tarkov
    • 2) What are the best weapons for beginners and why?
    • 3) What should beginners bring to every raid?
  • What makes you effective?
    • You have to have low costs for your guns.
    • You have to be able to survive a raid, so your gun has to be good.
    • Get good loot in regular raids, so you don’t have to do pure loot runs where you avoid enemy contact.

For this, you need a gun that is:

  • Deadly. It can penetrate most armor.
  • Accurate on medium distances.
  • Cheap and easy to replace.
  • Plus You can modify your gun very early in the game,

As this video is made for beginners, the question is:

Who is a beginner?

There is no exact number, but most players start to have enough money onstantly, when they reach level 25 or something like that.

Many players believe a full auto gun is the best for beginners. But without good modifications, auto weapons are not that effective. Additionally you can’t buy the good ammunition at the beginning for full automatic rifles.

The best weapons for beginners are the Vepr-136 and the SKS rifles.

These guns are semi-auto only but you can shoot very fast with them

The 136 and the SKS use the 7.62×39 caliber rounds. You can buy these bullets directly when you start the game. You can penetrate many different armor types with this and it’s also pretty deadly even against high geared players.

The rifles can be looted pretty often from SCAVs on all regular maps

The SKS has magazines with 20 rounds, the Vepr-136 has magazines with 30 rounds.

The main difference is, how you can modify them early in the game.

When to use which rifle:

  • My focus is to put a reddot on my gun as early as possible. You can do this more early with the Vepr-136 compared to the SKS. Later in this video I show you how to do this.
  • If you want to play as a sniper, you can buy a sniper scope for the OP-SKS when you reach level 2 for the traders Skier and Prapor.
  • You can buy the Vepr-136 when you reach level 2 for trader Skier.
  • Before you reach Skier level 2, use the regular SKS.
  • You can upgrade Vepr-136 with a reflex sight, when you reach level 2 for trader Prapor.

This is why I recommend for new players: Play the normal SKS until you reach level 2 for both traders Prapor and Skier. Then switch to the Vepr-136 and stick to it for a long time. If you need a sniper rifle, you can buy what you need, as soon as you reach level 2 for both traders too.

Flea market

If you want to buy your modifications or the guns from other players, you can buy it at the flea market.

  • Two to three days after each wipe, these rifles can be bought cheap from other players in the flea market.
  • To access the flea market, you need to gain level 5 for your main character (the PMC).

Moddifing your guns

  • It’s crucial to get Prapor to level 2 as soon as possible, because:
    • You can buy 30round magazines for the Vepr-136
    • You can add a reflex sight to the Vepr-136
  • I show you what you need:
    • Ragman Level 1: SCAV vest
    • Ragman Level 1: Balaclacva
    • Prapor Level 1: PS ammo (7.62×39)
    • Prapor Level 2: 6L10 magazine (30 rounds)
  • Now the reflex sight:
    • Prapor Level 2: Tactica Tula TT01 Weaver
    • Skier Level 1: PK-06
  • Remove the iron sight, add the weaver, add the reflex sight.
  • Most weapons are worth more than the Vepr-136. So if you insure the gun, it’s very likely, that you get your gun back, even if you get killed by a player.
  • And that’s the trick to start easy in Escape From Tarkov:
    • Always insure everything.
    • And as soon as you can, replace the stuff that you carry with stuff that you find in the raid.
  • Let me epxlain what I mean and how to do it the most safe way:
    • Kill a SCAV. He has the same gun as I do.
    • I throw away my vest and my gun in a bush, but I keep the weaver and the reflex sight.
    • I place the stuff from my vest into his.
    • I add my weaver to the new Vepr-136.
    • Now I play with this setup. no matter, if I die or not, I get my other gun back.
    • If you do this, after a few days, you will always have enough guns in your stash.
  • In case, you like the SKS more, then you should watch my video, where I explain, how to mod the SKS in the best ways possible.
  • So far so good.
  • In case, you are completely new to Escape From Tarkov, I would like to give you some more hints:
  • Always bring a cheap backpack into every raid. There are several ways to trade backbacks for items, for now, we just buy a cheap one from Ragman Level 1.
  • You should bring medical stuff also into every single raid, nothing is more annoying than to bleed out when you looted great stuff. If your main character is below level 5, so you cannot buy something from the flea market, bring the following things to every raid:
    • Therapist Level 1: Water or Juice. 2x Painkiller. 3x AI-2 medkit. 2x splint, 2x bandage.
  • Once you can access the flea market, bring this to every raid:
    • Buy either a car medikit or IFAK, whatever is cheaper. Always make sure, it’s a full item in the flea market. When healing with them, you stop bleeding too. So you don’t need bandages anymore.
    • If you can afford it, buy Ibuprofen painkillers. They last a lot longer than the painkillers, and you need only one slot in your safe container for it.
  • I hope, this video was helpful. Please write some comment, it would be nice, if you give a thumbs up.
  • But most important: don’t die out there, and kill everyone you see… except me please :).