Dead Island FAQ, Tips & Tricks

Dead Island – THE amazing new game. A LOT fun (at least for me ;)). All Dead Island related content is moved to

Here are some tips & tricks for you:

1) Problem: Your monitor turns black and the game does not load at all for minutes?

  • Open the file „DeadIsland/DeadIsland/DI/Out/Video.scr“ in Notepad
  • Change line 3: Change „!Monitor(i)“ to „!Monitor(-1)

Reason: DeadIsland has issues if you have two monitors running, this tells DI to play on your primary (standard) monitor.

2) Mission/Walkthrough: The First Head Of Cerberus
Problem: You can’t find the loudspeaker?
Solution: Watch the video on this site, it is a quick walthrough this mission (2 minutes only!)

Video Mission Walkthrough:

If you have questions, ask them in our forum!

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